Scar-h remastered

  • June 07, 2018
  • Blender 2.7x
  • Render: Blender Internal
  • Creator: BlenderGE
  • License: CC-0
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Hello Blendswap community,

today i decided to upload a new gun i made. Its the Scar-h. I already uploaded a Scar-h about 2 years ago. I thought it is cool, but after 2 years. :D ehm.. So here is a new "remastered" edition. Its the default gun itself with some bullets(not acurate to the real ones) and also a Holographic sight.

The .zip file includes 2 main objects (the gun itself and a holographic sight). The gun is seperated to some parts which are parented together. They also have the correct origins so you can easily model/ rig it. The Holo sight is just one object. In the first layer you will find both objects in midpoly version. These are the basemeshes i made to create the highpoly version later you will see in layer 2. For both guns (basemesh and highpoly) i worked for about 6,5 hours. But you will see more informations in the .blend itself.

For the renders i used the default fullHD Resolution (1920px-1080px) and the Blender Internal render engine. Just make the background black, remove all lights and activate Ambient Occlusion with intensity 1. But this is already activated so you dont need to make anything to do the same renders like me.

The Gun:

BASEMESH -> (verts.|fac.|tris) - (18.051|17.219|34.963) -> 10 parts which are parented as one -> no materials, textures and no uw-map

HIGHPOLY -> (verts.|fac.|tris) - -> 61 parts which are seperated (subsurf mod. 1-2 -> no materials, textures and no uw-map

The Holographic sight:

BASEMESH -> (verts.|fac.|tris) - -> no materials, textures or uw-map

HIGHPOLY -> (verts.|fac.|tris) - -> no materials, textures or uw-map

I hope you like my new model. If you do please take a minute to give this .blend a like and visit my profile here on If you have any questions about my blends, my work or anything else you can contact me here on Blendswap or over my Gmail which you can find on my profile. Please only in english , Deutsch , Turkce.

IMPORTAINT The License is CC Public Domain, which means that you can make everything with it and use it privat or commercialy. But it would be nice when you show me what you did with this gun :D

And now have fun and tell me what you think about it in the comment section. You can also give me some idears for my next work :D cheers