Pinball V1.21 (UPBGE 3.0)

  • April 03, 2022
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  • Blender 3.0x
  • Render: EEVEE
  • Creator: Joseph
  • License: CC-BY-SA
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Please find enclosed a link for those who have an attraction for the Blender Game Engine.

The UPGBE Pinball V1.21 Game seems to work well with an Nvidia Gforce 2070 & an intel i7

Features 1 - 4 Player selection,1 -3 Ball selection,High score Board,Targets & loop Rankers,Loop circuit,ball saver,auto plunger,Bonus scores, Dmd animation,Table Animations,Plunger Lane & Spinner Hinge actuators.

In 2022/3 I will be working on UPGBE Pinbal V1 during my cottage renovation project, music, C++, & chemistry studies, my aim is to continue with the UPGBE Py study which will hopefully enable the rectification of some of the bugs & game engine issues for improvements.

UPBGE Pinball. V1.21 Features to be added, Multiball,Extra ball,Ball trailers,Ball color change,Score X times Randomizer,More score rankers,Bumpers,Dmd txt/animation with short Queue capability,Magna ball,roll over light,Last2Digits' Py script that will improve the game features & much more.

Please enjoy & rob what you can from it if you wish.

Upgrades to Pinball V1.21 can be downloaded from:

Load the game using UPGBE. The Game mode will show first (Press 'P' or standalone start to get it up & running)

Keyboard instruction will appear & the rest is all down to the user.

VP forum holds four more tables that I have worked on: PacMan, TexasPoker, Invader & Skittles which may appeal to you. It is a visual basic coded-driven pinball game. It's all freeware for non-profit use only. You may also find them with AtGames if they are still being used by them.

Upgrades to Pinball V1.21 can be downloaded from:


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