F Dress 05

  • April 03, 2022
  • Blender 3.0x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: Mindfront
  • License: CC-BY
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Designed and made by Bellatrix and me for some years ago and contributed to MakeHuman community. All textures are remade with more details for reasonable close-ups. I always make 8192p textures on full body garments and this dress requires the full resolution to look at it's best. Included textures are in JPEG to save space.

Material using the Principled BSDF made for Cycles. Two color included, purple and white.

These textures also works on the MakeHuman community version in case you want to use MakeHuman to automatically fit and rig the dress to a character.

For this dress I recommend using Blender to automatically bind the dress to an armature. - In 3D Viewport select the dress and SHIFT select the armature OR in Outliner select the dress and CTRL select the armature. - Press CTRL P and select "With Automatic Weights". - Also make the armature as parent, Press CTRL P and select "Object" - In the dress modifier list put the newly created Armature modifier to top of the list. Now the dress should pose and follow your character when you move it about.

The mannequin is a rigged MakeHuman Average Female. The dress is not rigged or parented to the mannequin as ment to use Cloth simulation to make the final fit on your own character and to shape the fabric folds.

Press play and you will see an 100 frame simple animation with a prepared Cloth simulation as an example. Cloth and Collision settings are for Blender 3.1 world scale 1:1 and may look different in other world scales. I'm not familar with all cloth settings and still learning but this is a start.


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