Soccer Stadium Large

  • October 13, 2013
  • Blender 2.6x
  • Render: Blender Internal
  • Creator: MrChimp2313
  • License: CC-0
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I have updated this .blend with a different soccer stadium because I had 2 models that were essentially the same on my profile and there is no way to delete a file once it is published.

The original soccer stadium is here.

This stadium is much larger with almost 60000 seats.I have placed

a very low poly version of the seating, nets and field on layer 2.

The grass texture is from CG textures.

The skytexture is from this blender artist thread.



  • JackCity profile picture

    To use in mobile with out any other scenes you'd need to reduce the stadium down to about 100K - 125K as I'm told you don't want more than 250K on mobile.

    Thanks, though, it's nice. I've downloaded.

    Written October 13, 2013
  • gaudon profile picture

    I made a request for this a few days ago, and to my surprise he responded and already has it posted! Which is very impressive for free work.

    I have also sent him some numbers regarding various mobile SOC's. The PowerVR 5 series, which is the lowest chipset I was aiming to support is capable of pushing 20 Million triangle per second. I do however want to maintain a good frame-rate, which would put the theoretical maximum near 300,000 per frame. With that being said, you're not far off with saying 100k triangles for something as large as this, as it will be the majority of a scene. I too would love to see a version with 50-75k tris.

    Written October 13, 2013
  • MrChimp2313 profile picture

    OK when you said game engine I automatically assumed PC gaming because that what I play exclusively so I was a long way off from making it workable on a mobile device. I have been trying some things today and it looks like I can get close to the 80k tris mark. I currently have around 90k but I will spend a little more time and then send you A PM once I have uploaded it.

    Written October 14, 2013
  • Andraws profile picture

    please can you learn me how to make stadium

    Written September 18, 2015
  • noahcallaway profile picture

    Hey there! First of all, thanks for the awesome asset. We are planning on using this in a VR football video game, and were wondering if you have any preferences about how this asset is credited in the game.

    Feel free to respond here or PM me. Cheers!

    Written September 08, 2016