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You can cancel your subscription at any time from your subscription admin panel. If the cancellation does not work for some reason, first try canceling through the PayPal page, and then if that doesn't work, please contact us. If you need more help, please contact us here.
You can delete your account and all your information on your profile page. If you need more help, please contact us here.
The Blend Swap community has been growing non-stop for ten years now, but our resources, server space and allocated bandwidth are limited and expensive. Subscriptions pay for everything that we need to run the website and help Blend Swap continue for years to come. You can get all the details (and sign up) on the subscription page.
In the past we have faced criticisms about the quality of the work we allowed on the site, which tended to make our assets library seem useless to some users. We strive to be the source for quality, production ready assets for the Blender Community; and with this goal in mind, we have to enforce higher and stricter quality standards on the blends we post to the site. If your blend gets rejected don't take it personally, we encourage you to practice more and upload again later when your skills are more refined.
NO. Textures.com, as with the majority of free-of-price (or paid-for) texture assets providers, allows neither redistribution of their files nor Creative Commons sub-licensing of their materials. You can not distribute even heavily modified versions of the textures they provide, as stated in their licensing policy. While you can (and should) keep using their services for your private and commercial work, you must avoid using them for assets you share anywhere because this is a violation of their redistribution policy. Please make sure to read and understand other sites licensing policies before using their services and even attempting to use them in your blends on Blend Swap and other sites.
We believe in openness and Free Culture as a way to let you get, learn from, and use good 3D assets made by other fellow Blender artists. We also support Non-Commercial licenses because of our commitment to allow artists take control over their art.