Universalshader Fusion GPU v2.0 NEW!

  • December 27, 2013
  • Blender 2.7x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: enilnacs
  • License: CC-BY-SA
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FIX V2.0.1

Forgot to also include the "old" 1.1 Shader. You can choose between them. The 2.0 has volumetrics, is way more realistic, but also taxes the GPU/CPU 1.5x-8x more, depending on the volume bounces. For simpler/faster tasks (yet still very realistic) take the "old" 1.1 Universalshader.

Optimized Settings.

Here the TUTORIAL for 1.1, 2.0 is the same workflow (highly recommended):


NEW V2.0:

Incorporated new volumetric system > Unlimited shading possibilities!

Kept the fast 1.1 GPU latency and elegant shader concept.

Kept fully automated internal concept and simple, intuitive settings for artists.

Volumetrics can be disabled (volumetrics socket), so it still works on older GPUs very fast!

Subsurface scattering is separate and fast without volumetrics and still works internally without the memory intensive Blender SSS node!

Note: you will need CUDA 6.5+ and Blender 2.71.6+(official buildbot!) for it to work on GPU. Also 3 GB+ GPU strongly advised for volumetrics!

NOTE: BY-SA means (for me) ONLY that derivative Blender SHADERS are to be SA! (cause it took time to make this shader :-P)

But for the actual work/stills/animation you go unlimited COMMERCIAL, you only give some credit ;-)! Some got confused about if you have to make also your artists work with this SA, NO you dont!. :-)

V 1.1

Optimized node setup, 20% more compact, less nodes, faster render while keeping all features!

Routed Scatter color outside for separate control.

Arranged the settings even more intuitive.

V 1.0

This is the most complete and intuitive shader we (microno and i) could come up with. We hope it is one of the most elegant shader node for blender for now till volumetrics, and maybe after that, and it will improve your work at least by an order of magnitude! ;-)


Fully GPU compliant!

Speed is even faster than the normal Universalshader (i will still update it, it's not "old" :-D), also more compact .

Complete quasi-volumetric/raycasting including SSS

Universal setup, NO sockets, ONE output!

Extremely intuitive parameters for artists

COMPLETE MODEL for any material you want (only physically accurate nodes used!)

Speed and efficient routing and reuse of nodes internally in an very flexible way

IOR driven Surface and Subsurface setup

Texturing with only 2 texture inputs (surface/subsurface)!

Only 10, really easy settings!

Color coded and internal organized for easy tweaking.

Notes for using:The shader is divided in a surface and an subsurface component which is fully IOR driven!

The glossy and specular components are surface interfaces like in real life with full IOR dependency, while the diffuse and scattering components are the subsurfaces.

Like in real life a very high IOR drives the surface fresnel reflection (glossy), while a very high IOR reflective gets a metal (with the IOR reflective value!).Feel free to play around, there are only 10 settings! Once you get the hang of it, maybe you wont want to go back. ;-)

Although this is version 1.0, and should work perfectly in a complete material model, please feedback for bugs.It should be very fast, with optional full dispersion, SSS and scattering and all calculations active on GPU.

In about 10min at 4K with 512 samples (the stanford dragon in the preview) (580GTX)!

A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all artists!



  • buzo profile picture

    Hey, guys. It looks very helpful. Lot of work you did!. The problem is that I'm new to Blender and it's going to be a homework for me for the next days to study the blend and implement it in my work. Good job and happy 2014!

    BTW, I also use a GTX580.

    Edited December 28, 2013
  • enilnacs profile picture

    It's easy. Simply import the node and adjust the 10 settings. ;-) That's all. Everything is handled internally automatic. Have fun! :-)

    Written December 29, 2013
  • elvetos profile picture

    This is great, very practical. Thank you very much!

    Edited December 30, 2013
  • blesius profile picture

    :U is faster i will learn how to do that xD

    Written January 02, 2014
  • 1DInc profile picture

    You are gorgeous=)

    Edited January 05, 2014
  • dodd profile picture

    Wow, amazing shader man, you did a pretty nice job! Thanks for sharing it!

    Written February 09, 2014
  • cctrevis profile picture

    You did a great job here. Thanks for sharing it. any tips to apply the shader as human skin?

    Written February 22, 2014
  • enilnacs profile picture

    It's the right mix between scattering, subsurface roughness and subsurface size. And depending on also oily/wet skin also IOR.

    Written February 23, 2014
  • nburgin profile picture

    um, I'm getting a strange error with this page, when I click to download it, instead of downloading it it redirects me to the homepage instead. And I successfully downloaded other blends earlier, and I haven't overrun my bandwidth quota. I don't know what's going on.

    Written May 14, 2014
  • meta-androcto profile picture

    Awesome, thanks so much :)

    Written June 06, 2016
  • digtalzombie profile picture

    thank you

    Written March 30, 2019