Spokes & Particles Staff Pick

  • February 28, 2014
  • Blender 2.6x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: rianvermeulen
  • License: CC-0
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Hi, guys,

the Filesize of my latest blendering (a car, the CG-community desparately needs more car-models) is forcing me to do some serious vert-cutting. Serious being some 80% and up. This is new to me and needs some figuring-out, but here's a start.

It's a HIGH-POLY/LOW-VERTSCOUNT SETUP for wheels and tyres.There's previews of both. The numbers:

total vertcount without modfiers: 937 vertices: 883 for the wheel, plus 64 more for 3 emissionmeshes. With modifiers: 38072 verts, 62656 triangles.

total count on the emission-dupli's: 55772 vertices and 95696 triangles.

In short: appending this wheel add's 937 vertices to your file and then copiing a second: another 64, and both will add 95696 triangles to your render.

It can be copied, scaled and dragged around just like any other mesh(group), but I locked rotation on the y-axis of the parent-empty, so it's fit for steering and roling from any viewport-angle.

There's a lighting setup too. Got bored with it first, and rendered with the skytexture only, but I changed my mind later-on and did a proper render.

Check it out! :)


  • BlenderBoy55 profile picture

    This definitely makes it to my top 5 list of favorite rims.

    Edited February 28, 2014
  • rianvermeulen profile picture

    Thanks, glad you like it. :)

    Edited March 01, 2014
  • Atom profile picture

    That is neat! Nice use of hair.

    Edited March 06, 2014
  • rianvermeulen profile picture

    Yes, thank you. :)

    The particlesystem could be a very powerfull modelingtool. Unfortunately that's still unexplored terrain in blender.

    Written March 07, 2014
  • rianvermeulen profile picture

    I'll ask again, I am still looking for filesize-reduction-tips & tricks.

    Meanwhile, if you know off some other techniques for cutting verts, by all means let me know, and remember: we're trying to reduce filesize, so bumpmaps and normalbacking isn't going to help much here.

    Written March 19, 2014
  • Wright profile picture

    Have you tried the Decimate modifier?

    Written April 04, 2014
  • rianvermeulen profile picture

    In fact I haven't, I've seen the horrid results you get from decimating the mesh.

    But now you mention it, if you w

    Written April 04, 2014
  • rombout profile picture

    Perhaps if you make the Rim and the Showbolt with a array as well you could take a couple vertices of it.

    But in the end does it really matter? The viewport is indeed a lot faster but when rendering all the vertices are taken into the memory right?

    Written April 15, 2014
  • rianvermeulen profile picture

    Indeed, this isn't about shortening rendertime,(it doesn't) you have to use the game-engine techniques for that. I'm after reducing file-size (for up/downloading).

    This wheel is only 1MB, and so would be 4 (or 40 or 400) on a car. With all modifiers applied it's 3MB. That would make 12MB for just the wheels on your carmodel. You can see why I'm anxious to reduce that. :)

    As for the rim and bold: they have a different number of radials, an array wouldn't reduce it any further. :)

    Written April 15, 2014
  • YannD profile picture

    very nice work. Can we use just one wheel ? I don't reach separate the two wheels. Thanks.

    Written December 09, 2015
  • Goonies1 profile picture

    I need to learn how to make better tires better and those rims are awesome. I would like to study. Maybe there is some good tutorials on making tires but if not would you consider doing one?

    Written March 03, 2022