Low-Poly Sci-Fi Library

  • March 20, 2014
  • Blender 2.6x
  • Render: Blender Internal
  • Creator: flp392
  • License: CC-BY-NC-SA
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A library file containing around 170 low-poly Sci-Fi meshes.

These are intended for instancing in large numbers to create things like spaceships/stations.

All the models are UV unwrapped but some have overlapping UVs as the objects are intended for tilable textures.

Note that the preview image only show a few.

About the licencing, why the non-commercial restriction?

The reason is that some objects are either made in 3D-Coat or UV unwrapped in that program.

Since I only own the Consumer licenced version of 3d-Coat which prohibits commerial use of assets created there.

I can not release this under any other licence, sorry.

(Also I can not imagine anyone using this other then to create images for hobby use)

The following instructions are for users that have not used instancing in blender before.

How to use:

Append the objects you want to your file to a separate layer(Shift+F1).

I use layer 11 for this as it is a fast keyboard shortcut, ALT+1.

The objects are arranged by parenting them to empties so to reduce the clutter in the outliner.

By CTRL+click the eye icon in the outliner you can toggle visibility of all the children so to easily check the various objet classes.

When you have found an object that you want to use instance it using ALT+D.

The reason for not using Shift+D is that you save memory by not duplicating the meshdata.

Then remove the parent link by pressing ALT+P and select Clear Parent, might want to keep transform if you want.

Then move the object to your main construction layer by pressing M and a number or click the box for the layer you want it on.

Now just repeat that untill you have built the structure you want.

Obviously you only need to do the unparenting/layer move once, then just duplicate it on the construction layer.

I recomend to do a base structure using box modeling or whatever method you are comfortable with and then "dress" or "coat" it with instanced geometry.


Modifiers work on a per instance basis so using a lattice or simple deform for example, only deform that instance and any instances you spawn from that one.

As long as you do not collapse the stack this will work, have even done booleans.

Have fun with this.

If there is a good response to this I will keep updating it from time to time when thre are enough new objects.


  • InGaN profile picture

    Oh well...gonna skip this one due to that license. I read you about wanting to comply with the EULA on 3d-Coat.. It seems so wrong that EULAs like that, which are everywhere (my old student copy of Microsoft Word even), imply they can dictate how content made with their tools can be used (so...if I copy paste the novel I wrote in Word over to TextEdit...I'm in the clear now? And similarly with your blend...?). Though I'm no lawyer, I feel like the EULA might be unconscionable. But then again, the commonly held attitude, is, who wants to rock the boat?

    Edited March 21, 2014
  • KurtisC profile picture

    It's my understanding they can not do that anyway. It's like saying the car you built belongs to the manufacturer of the spanner which was the main tool used to build / maintain it. The spanner is there to do the job and it's own job, not the job of another item. The same should apply to software, and I'm pretty sure that the part of the license in question would be laughed out of court (as 'unenforceable') in most places. Of course, if I'm proven wrong, let me know! I could do with a good laugh for a change (like the cookie legislation).

    Edited March 21, 2014
  • Atom profile picture

    That is odd, so with 3D-Coat anything you export as geometry can not be sold? Only the image you render? I might be able to understand that if you were just exporting pre-fabs that came with the software, but your own creations...that seems extreme.

    Written March 22, 2014
  • flp392 profile picture

    From what I understand, someone please correct me if this is wrong, the only thing you can use commercially with the consumer version that is sold on Steam is TF2 items. Everything else you need the full version to sell, even images I think.

    Anyway, never intended for this to be anything but a "for-fun-make-cool-sci-fi-scenes" library. I personally don't care as long as people have fun with it.

    Written March 22, 2014
  • KurtisC profile picture

    I'd be genuinely surprised if you can't sell your images. Things you make in the program don't belong to the owner of the software whether they like it or not. I doubt you'd be allowed to sell things prepackaged with the program (like default models, images and things like that), but they can't pin you down for things that you, yourself have created in the program.

    I'm just checking the license here, what version do you have (Consumer doesn't seem to exist here). Your options: Trial-Demo, Academic, Educational, Professional and 'Floating'? I'm looking at '3D-Coat version 4' I believe.

    License information:

    4.2 You may not use Demo version, Academic version and Educational version of the Software in commercial purposes for your profit.

    I believe that just means you can not use the SOFTWARE ITSELF in a commercial environment. Things you create in the software are not bound by that, this is just talking about the software itself. This is the license I've got from registering on their website and downloading there. In other words, you're basically not allowed to use it at a company unless you've bought a license (but again I'm no lawyer).

    The English (grammar) in this document is odd though. It's like an office admin person just sat down and drafted a quick copy of the license based upon other peoples. I doubt they've consulted a lawyer and done this properly. It's difficult to take this that seriously!

    Written March 22, 2014
  • flp392 profile picture

    Thanks for at least trying to help here, it is appreciated.

    Things was a lot easier back in the the day you just bought a 3D program ad did what you wanted with it. But I believe the "consumer" license is what was released on steam as the budget version of the Pro license. Not sure if this does not exist anymore in 4.x versions, but the text in the title bar says "consumer'. As for the legal document having odd grammar, it is probably strictly translated from Russian and it probably makes more sense in the language it was originally written in. I should not be too hard on them for that as my grammar is probably horrible as well, as English is not my first language. However a document such as that should be properly translated to avoid confusion.

    Well lets just give this a rest, the point is to have fun with these objects and not argue law. Hope you enjoy using these, I am working on more so will update in a few months. Any feedback on the poly-count would be nice, either more or less. I have given the newer "hero-pieces" a lot more polys (10-15k) since GPU rendering a lot of instances is quite fast and more dependent on the material then poly-count.

    Written March 23, 2014
  • KurtisC profile picture

    Your English is darn near perfect. A poor translation is no excuse on that front. Honestly, I seriously doubt you can't sell your images!

    Anyway, good luck with your future projects!

    Edited March 23, 2014
  • flp392 profile picture

    Unfortunately the material library I made for this was for some (unspecified) reason rejected. If you need materials use the ones located here http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/73030 it is mostly the same but not so reusable and cleaned up.

    Can accept that is was rejected, but without reason I can't fix whatever the moderator thought was broken. I guess this is what you get when you try and be nice to people on the 'net, so won't bother.

    Edited April 04, 2014
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    looks nice

    Written April 06, 2014
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    Nice :)

    Written September 06, 2019
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    Written May 20, 2021