JapaneseClassroom Fan Art

  • October 01, 2014
  • Blender 2.7x
  • Render: Blender Internal
  • Creator: NovaAshbell
  • License: CC-BY
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based Model Japanese Classroom, to create rows of tables and chairs I use an array modifier, and I use the volumetric lighting in Blender rendering


  • Wig42 profile picture

    This is brilliant, thanks for sharing it.

    Edited October 01, 2014
  • NovaAshbell profile picture

    yes, ur welcome sir ^^

    Written October 01, 2014
  • CuRvEmAsTeR profile picture

    Hi, I went to a bug (Blender User Group) in Paris in April and we got explanations on a scene very similar to yours: http://bugparis.tuxfamily.org/rencontre-du-5-avril/

    Is it inspired by that? :-) or totally independent ? Fun to see the same "mood".

    Written October 02, 2014
  • NovaAshbell profile picture

    yes sir,, I was inspired from some images in Japanese classroom, but I use Blender Render, not for Cycle Render. . . and I have Copy for Cycle Render. . .

    Written October 02, 2014
  • kaki profile picture

    Good afternoon sir, I think that they use blackboards in Japanese schools, not whiteboards as your preview pic seems to show... Also, I would apply the array modifiers and rotate random desks to get a more realistic feel to it, which leads me to ask - Why did you use volumetrics? because it is new? Sometimes it can be overused, which I think makes people use it ... oh, nevermind.

    Written October 07, 2014
  • Hitsuki profile picture

    que legal

    Written November 20, 2014
  • wuhecong profile picture

    thank you for sharing

    Written August 06, 2015
  • Maxaz profile picture

    Hello, I want to use this in my Indie - Anime styled game "Teacher simulator". Do I have to give you credit? thanks

    Written March 16, 2016