Max's Interceptor Fan Art Staff Pick

  • June 13, 2015
  • Blender 2.7x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: ChrisKuhn
  • License: CC-BY-NC
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Because one "Mad Max" project just isn't enough :)

This time, I joined forces with the awesome Sven Neubert. He's done some amazing car models, so I was thrilled to work with him. He modeled a stock Ford Falcon body and then and passed it to me for a little tweaking :)

Please note that this is the version of the interceptor that appears in the first scenes of "Fury Road". It's a lot more beat up than it used to be (in the old films).

I focused on the aspects of the model that you can see, so the bottom parts and some of the interior could use a little detailing.

If anyone's interested, more pics can be found on my Facebook Page.




Please note that this model may NOT be used commercially. "Mad Max: Fury Road" and all related marks, logos, and designs are owned by Warner Bros Pictures. This model is not endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with Warner Bros Pictures or the Mad Max franchise.


  • Mikel007 profile picture

    Looks great. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Edited June 13, 2015
  • ElBarto19 profile picture

    WOW ^-^

    Edited June 13, 2015
  • StillCounting profile picture

    Simply amazing man, you always inspire me to work a little harder and to watch some more tutorials.

    Edited June 13, 2015
  • ChrisKuhn profile picture

    Thanks, man :)

    Edited June 13, 2015
  • sahirraza22 profile picture

    Is this really internal?

    Edited June 13, 2015
  • ChrisKuhn profile picture

    Nope... fixed :)

    Edited June 13, 2015
  • sahirraza22 profile picture

    Oh ok :P

    Written June 14, 2015
  • Neubi profile picture

    Great details in the car - feel to have built honored along with them this :-) Neubi3D (Sven Neubert)

    Edited June 13, 2015
  • CaptainRex profile picture

    Amazing work! You are a inspiration to me.

    P.S. This should so totally go on Staff Picks ; )

    Cheers, Rex

    Written June 13, 2015
  • ChrisKuhn profile picture

    Thanks :) I took a look at your profile... you've done some pretty awesome stuff yourself.

    Edited June 13, 2015
  • badc profile picture

    nothing short of amazing. your works are truly works of art. I look forward to what you do next. even if it happens to not be mad max related. you have my repsect sir.

    Edited June 13, 2015
  • airwinggraphics profile picture

    Another Masterpiece!

    Written June 13, 2015
  • wax profile picture

    Coool :)

    Written June 14, 2015
  • EmpizZ profile picture

    awsesome work man, great!

    Written June 15, 2015
  • AleHC98 profile picture

    Looks amazing!!!!!

    Written June 15, 2015
  • izuzf profile picture

    Always happy to see some quality work, great job! Worn out texturing tickles me a little extra!


    Edited June 15, 2015
  • feralkid profile picture

    "Got to hand it you sport, last of the V-8 Interceptors..."

    That's an astonishingly lovely piece of work. I had started my own attempts to model Max's car but this is so much better than mine was ever going to be.

    Written June 20, 2015
  • ChrisKuhn profile picture

    Nice username :)

    If you're doing a model of this (maybe the Road Warrior version?) and you would like the base Ford Falcon body, shoot me a message...

    Written June 20, 2015
  • Reaper2k profile picture

    I guess, nothing is going staff picks these days.... Awesome job man!

    Written June 25, 2015
  • DeanosBeano profile picture

    Stunning work as always i am amazed , this car deserves to move in a desert hopefully i can make it so :)

    Written July 03, 2015
  • Toverdoos profile picture

    Awesome that you shared both this one and the wartruck. It's always nice to see how others model things.

    Written August 10, 2015
  • diga profile picture


    Written October 02, 2015
  • AC49 profile picture

    Very, very awesome, thanks for sharing.

    Written May 02, 2016
  • Astro1derboy profile picture

    Your work is just awesome!

    Edited June 23, 2016
  • madmaxgamer profile picture

    Great job man...

    Written November 24, 2016
  • benzin profile picture

    simply WOW !!! this model is amazing! it has got way more detail that i expacted it to have!

    Written January 24, 2018
  • Dread Knight profile picture
    Dread Knight

    Woah, amazing work!

    Written February 08, 2019
  • djmurray_au profile picture

    This is really cool - well done.

    Written November 11, 2019