Texture Coordinate 'mapping' node with Inputs

  • March 03, 2016
  • Blender 2.7x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: MZiemys
  • License: CC-0
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I never understood why in the world would anyone want not to have the ability to plug something into cycles texture coordinate mapping node's translate, rotate and scale values. While it remains a great mystery to me why the mapping node is as it is in cycles, here is a workaround. As far as I know, the math is correct(rotate was a bit tricky) and it works for me as it should as far, but please correct me if you find something wrong there.


  • marcusm profile picture

    This is exactly what I've been looking for! I made one for scaling, but I haven't had the time to add rotation and location controls. I'm definitely going to use this extensively! (I'll let ya know if I find any problems with it)

    Thanks so much for uploading this!

    Written March 03, 2016
  • Inferry profile picture

    Not just in cycles, this is what this node should have been like since the beginning of the Blender node system.

    Written March 04, 2016
  • BMF profile picture

    Nice work. It appears that I would need to append this node as a group from your master blend file every time I wanted to use it in a new blend model / scene. It's a great idea, but I'll have to see if it saves any time versus creating a mapping node and a texture node using Shift A or Control T.

    Still, I would like to see this kind of node available using Shift A in release of Blender.

    Thanks, I'll give a serious effort to use it in order to make an evaluation.

    Written March 04, 2016
  • marcusm profile picture

    If you're just using a normal mapping node, then it wouldn't save that much time; but it saves a tooooon of time and makes it so much more accessible if it's inside a node group because you can control it from outside the node group.

    Written March 04, 2016
  • MZiemys profile picture

    I am glad you are enjoying it. I just needed it for a simple specific thing - randomization of location and rotation of a texture per object. And it developed into the need to 'do it properly' then... you know... as it sometimes happens :D But now I see that some interesting stuff starts to happen when you plug procedural textures to control the coordinates of other procedural textures. Weirdness squared. Endless fun. :D :D :D

    Written March 04, 2016
  • zelozelos profile picture

    Very nice indeed! good work ..i think i will add i to my startup file so it is there when I need it ;)

    Written March 04, 2016
  • sizzler profile picture

    Haha, I ended up creating something like this for some of my shaders too...it's pretty frustrating that some nodes don't have inputs!!! Maybe one of these days I'll dig into the Blender code.

    Written March 04, 2016
  • OLST profile picture

    AWESOME!! Thank you!!

    Written July 18, 2017
  • sirmaxim profile picture

    I just have to say thanks. I've been using this quite a bit since I found it a while ago. It's now my default mapping node in everything because I can throw it in a node group and control texture coordinate mapping without having to open the group. So helpful.

    Written December 28, 2017