little girls sandals (EU23)

  • December 13, 2017
  • Blender 2.7x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: GLGraffixx
  • License: CC-BY-NC
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Hi, oh man what a creat project^^ This shoes i have great free from fantasy and with basic materials. In the most projects from me i use only C00 textures in this too. Spezialy for this project i have great the most textures in this blendfile. So funny the stitches i have rendert with the freestylelines in blender to a texture. The size of the shape is based of a DAZ3D childfeet the makehuman feets are not so good (for me).

One of the bad thinks is, i dont have cread the right shoe. About the textures with letters. I know how it dann but it is a hard job.

g+ Post: all textures are Creative Commons CC0 and that i dont have made are from:


  • Callan profile picture

    Nice work. Thank you!

    Written December 06, 2021