Inanimate Insanity Balloon Rig

  • June 07, 2021
  • Blender 2.9x
  • Render: EEVEE
  • Creator: Aiden Payano
  • License: CC-BY-NC-SA
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After fiddling around in GIMP, I decided to make my first object show character rig, Balloon from Inanimate Insanity. Modeled after Balloon in Inanimate Insanity II Episodes 1-11. Includes the body from Inanimate Insanity Episodes 10-11. Animating the bodies is similar to my Peppa Pig in Swimsuit rig, only this time I added the additional lattice surrounding all the others for root movement. Animating the facial features is done via the Outliner, by keyframing the buttons that look like a TV and a camera. Blender removed keyframing the eye button in 2.8-current versions, so this is your best bet. Audio Scrubbing and Sync to audio is needed for lip syncing. Inanimate Insanity, and the character Balloon is made, and owned by Adamation, and Adam Katz. UPDATE: Now with a higher quality Balloon body asset. UPDATE 2: Now, the Balloon body asset is made in Adobe Illustrator, for 100% crystal quality, and the missing parts are added, like additional arm gestures, and adding in the missing O mouth. UPD 3: I shrunken the closed eyes (not the tall ones) a tiny bit, so now they don't look like they are close together. UPD 4: I added some more eye expressions, and added the last missing mouth expressions. I also changed the preview thumbnail. UPD 5: I ripped the II mouth assets from a puppet flash file, so now, the mouths are in their highest quality yet. Downloads to the actual mouth assets are here:


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    Written August 14, 2021
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    Aiden Payano

    I salute you for the response.

    Written August 14, 2021