Sintel Lite - Cycles V1

  • May 15, 2011
  • Blender 2.5x
  • Render: Blender Internal
  • Creator: BenDansie
  • License: CC-BY
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Get the latest Cycles builds from to test. For the record, this file was made with this windows build - [


Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, the character has been reworked with materials and lighting for the Cycles renderer. Cycles is a heavy work in progress and likely to change often. This file may or may not work with Blender in a couple of weeks from now.

CC attribution the same as at, details at: [


Unfortunately Cycles didn't seem to recognize packed textures that well, so to increase the chance this file works for people, the separate texture pack is here: - 25mb

Note: These are technically different files from the other Sintel Lite textures. They are higher quality png files with some modifications to look nicer in Cycles. Extract the 'textures' folder into the same location as the character file as usual.

Hair is mesh, eyebrows are painted, eyelashes aren't in there. Particles could be a while yet before implemented in Cycles.

Will do my best to answer questions, but in many cases this might break or not work completely and I won't know why. :)



  • hjmediastudios profile picture

    Is it just me or does Sintel look totally crazed?

    Written May 15, 2011
  • BenDansie profile picture

    My bad. I spent about 15 seconds on the 'pose'. Probably would have been better to leave her in default position/face/etc.

    Written May 15, 2011
  • hjmediastudios profile picture

    Agreed. I mean, my God, it nearly gave me a heart attack! :D

    Edited May 15, 2011
  • gregzaal profile picture

    It's the hair :)

    Written June 14, 2011
  • luis profile picture

    Please update the file with the zip files

    After 8 years I can no longer offer free hosting. has been shut down. Sorry everyone.

    Written October 07, 2011
  • BenDansie profile picture

    Thanks for the hosting over those years though! I'm working on an updated version of this file anyway and will update the textures at the same time. They are basically the same as the other versions of Sintel that are available, just a bit higher quality.

    I've also made a note in my forum signature about other files I've linked to on that site being broken now. Most are quite outdated now anyway so will fix them as the need arises.

    Once again, thanks for the handy service!

    Edited October 07, 2011
  • Acezzz01 profile picture

    I can't download the textures cause you can't offer free hosting anymore :( Can you upload the textures to another site and update the link please.

    Written August 16, 2012
  • michaeltoo profile picture

    BenDansie, great model, where I can download the textures from.

    Edited August 24, 2012
  • andrewprice profile picture

    I noticed there was some issues with materials and textures missing so I fixed it and uploaded it here for anyone who wants it:

    Edited August 31, 2012
  • johnakaagila profile picture

    SINTEL FTW! this model is amazing!

    Edited November 14, 2013
  • mrkeithster profile picture

    insane she is my little one. I know you hate it when I call you that.

    Written March 12, 2014
  • KaletheQuick profile picture

    Any news on an update? This and all the other versions I am able to find don't seem to have fully functional rigs. As far as I can tell you are the source. Any hints for re-rigging this for a new version of blender?

    Written November 04, 2014
  • Ekiru profile picture

    Anybody was able to get the textures before they got taken down?

    Written March 29, 2024