Witchblade Fan Art

  • August 20, 2021
  • Blender 2.9x
  • Render: EEVEE
  • Creator: WidowedWarVeteran
  • License: CC-BY
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Alright I figured how to get the textures working… mostly. At least the image now shows what it looks like in Blender.

One of my earlier models. I made it by extruding the varies parts from an image.. definitely not the best approach but I was able to get something which looks real enough in the right lighting.. Not sure what happened here (it’s way too bright and there’s no texture.)

Anyho I just wanted to share with the community to payback some of the great work everyone does. I use sketchfab almost daily for inspiration and various background items.

Really makes no sense to spend hours or days modeling a background prop when it’s already been done in most cases.. Especially when you’re just starting out. (Long as we each give credit where it’s due then it’s all good.)


  • Xali profile picture

    Looks awesome. The blade looks super detailed!

    Written August 24, 2021