Star Field

  • April 29, 2022
  • Blender 3.0x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: amx360
  • License: CC-BY
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When you're new to Blender, getting a good moving starfield can be a pain. Here's one for regular or Star Trek type stars.


  • Ghostnipple profile picture

    35 downloads and as far as I can see nobody bothered to thank you for the work you did and chose to share. Maybe they lost internet after download, anyway on behalf of the 35 missing downloaders thanks for being considerate enough to take the time to upload this.

    Oh I add your name to the list. Rest assured when the mother ship arrives, and I take over the planet you won't have to work in the porno mine (i'll explain it when the time comes, I dont want to ruin the surprise).

    Written May 17, 2022
  • DjinnJuice profile picture

    Thank you, my #beans will be pleased

    Written May 23, 2022