Sci-Fi Security Drone Fan Art

  • October 10, 2022
  • Blender 3.0x
  • Render: EEVEE
  • Creator: aniketsidhu
  • License: CC-BY
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Hey there, I made a sci-fi looking security drone with a cool city environment. The model is rendered in eevee render engine and also can be rendered in cycles render engine as per preference. The materials are procedural and done in blender. The hdri used is from hdri haven and the textures used for the building are from cgambient. The model is mechanically rigged and contains simple animation with quick camera movements. It can be used by an individual or by a company for advertising. Further any person can edit and make it more cooler and abstract. The model is purely modelled and textured by me. It contains all the criterias and specifications for a cool robot more particulary a drone. It has been made by taking inspiration from Call of Duty.


  • Robozinho Bip profile picture
    Robozinho Bip

    That´s incredibly awesome. Congratz

    Written December 11, 2022
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    The integration of sci-fi-inspired security drones marks a paradigm shift in surveillance technology. With advancements like autonomous navigation buy protection dog and AI-driven analytics, these drones offer unparalleled efficiency. Elevating security measures, they're a glimpse into the future where innovation transforms the way we safeguard our environments, ensuring a safer, technologically fortified future.

    Written January 23, 2024
  • pygame profile picture

    Hi, are you Ryan King Art youtube channel owner? Because if you are not, then I think you shouldn't put this here because it may be copyrighted unless you have permission from Ryan King Art youtube channel owner to put this here

    Written February 27, 2024