UV Sackboy Rig Up

  • June 30, 2011
  • Blender 2.5x
  • Render: Blender Internal
  • Creator: Evil Moon Moose
  • License: CC-BY-SA
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A rig of sackboy that's been re rigged and reset by jeffrey bright (aka evil moon moose)


  • blendermanster998 profile picture

    that looks like one of my rigs that is on blendswap :evil: :evil:

    Written July 01, 2011
  • Evil Moon Moose profile picture
    Evil Moon Moose

    no its not, I have 3 things on here, and its the first time in almost 4 months that I even put anything on here, and I only put it on because a team of people who are doing an animation with me wanted me to rerig and already made rig... the first one is a already made rig, the second is mine. But if it looks like one of yours, maybe I can learn from it? put a link please.

    Written July 01, 2011
  • blendermanster998 profile picture


    Written July 04, 2011
  • Evil Moon Moose profile picture
    Evil Moon Moose

    hmmm he does seem kinda similar, but my guy is a Sackboy (you know like from Little Big Planet?) not an alien? he is just lacking textures (as I deleted the textures to lower file size) also, he isnt for a game, I just think that a minor low poly is best when you are making an animation, so that way it takes less time to calculate. (or at least I think so)

    also my characters head is larger, and not fat and round at all like your character. I assure you, that I can show you a blend file of this character that dates back almost six months, so theres no possible way Ive been stealing your character this whole time.

    (and both rigs were built by me personally. So I doubt Im stealing that either :P)

    Written July 04, 2011
  • lemoon profile picture

    hhhhh i like your story gays

    go on

    Edited June 29, 2012
  • Nickan profile picture

    ^ Haven't contributed even just a bit but still have balls to insult...

    Written December 23, 2013
  • Evil Moon Moose profile picture
    Evil Moon Moose

    well your very accommodating to new people. Go away

    Written April 25, 2013
  • uncracked1 profile picture

    your default cube looks similar to mine as well....................

    Written September 14, 2013
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    Written September 06, 2017