Vanilla Rig Fan Art

  • September 02, 2023
  • Blender 3.0x
  • Render: EEVEE
  • Creator: sygmakyle
  • License: CC-BY
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You must download the addons and read the instructions from here : Download Link

A fully-rigged character using Auto-Rig Pro made for blender 3.4.1 and higher. This character has physics, Facial+Dress+Hair rigs, shape keys, and drivers.

You're free to use it however you like, as long as you don't sell it directly (Though you can use it in a short film you're selling/getting revenue out of).

Please share your animations with me, I'd love to see them :)


  • sygmakyle profile picture

    Here you can find the zip containing the free addons needed for this rig along with some instructions: Auto rig pro rig tools Wiggle bone

    Download Link

    Edited September 02, 2023
  • dojyvuti profile picture

    For instance, a dolphin ring can represent harmony and intelligence, while an animal pendants rings can symbolize transformation and beauty.

    Written September 07, 2023
  • sygmakyle profile picture

    What does that have to do with my rig?

    Written September 10, 2023