Little Friend - Birdie Staff Pick

  • December 15, 2011
  • Blender 2.4x
  • Render: Blender Internal
  • Creator: Quandtum
  • License: CC-BY-SA
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Little Friend - Birdie

by Quandtum

License: CC BY-SA

Blender version: 2.49b

This is a very old model of mine (2 years ago I think). I was still pretty new to Blender and there are many ways to improve him (which I've had intentions of doing), but just haven't gotten to it yet.

I did replace his original eye texture from Eye Scapes with Antonio's Iris from Venom's Lab DVD from the Blender e-shop (as I was unsure about the texture license) and eye scapes has since been removed it appears. The DVD series is CC so all should be good. DVD info can be found


  • mofx profile picture

    Great stuff Quandtum, master at amazing looking weapons but also cute little characters. Is there anything you can't do? Nice model rig need some work. You still do characters like this with rigging?

    Written December 15, 2011
  • salmannaseem09 profile picture

    is that riged?

    Written December 07, 2018