BlenderCraft Fan Art

  • February 17, 2012
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  • Blender 2.5x
  • Render: Blender Internal
  • Creator: SonnySee
  • License: CC-BY
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I searched for a program to help me design massive structures for use in minecraft.

Nothing I found gave me the flexibility I was looking for and then I thought, "Hmmmm, why not use blender?"

So, I did.

Here is my first attempt.

What do you think?


  • 3DHaupt profile picture

    how did you make that in blender?

    Written February 17, 2012
  • EnderAndroid profile picture

    I think he probably found/created an AT-AT model, then added a modifier called "Remesh", and then set the mode to "Blocks". You can turn up the blockiness by turning the "Octree Depth" to a higher number.

    I'm not sure. This seems too neat to be a simple remesh. =/

    Written September 22, 2014
  • SonnySee profile picture

    That's correct EnderAndroid, I did create the model myself and added and applied a remesh modifier to it. I then rendered it so that the edges would show. I wanted to create a model that would give me a starting point for building something block by block in Minecraft. By the way, I actually got most of it built but never quite finished it. It was quite the project.

    Written September 23, 2014
  • deadparrot profile picture

    this must have been a fairly tedious task. but kudos to you for attempting and completing such a great model!

    Edited February 17, 2012
  • gregzaal profile picture

    Its very simple actually. just emit particles to volume and use a particle instance modifier. thats to get separate cubes. if you dont mind it being one big mesh, then just use the remesh modifier

    Written February 20, 2012
  • SonnySee profile picture

    Thanks for the compliments. I modeled it using basic box modeling techniques and then used the remesh modifier to get the design showing.

    After applying all modifiers I duplicated the mesh and moved it to a separate layer. On one layer, I used a basic clay material for the main color of the model. On the second layer, i created a material for the edges only and renedered with both layers showing to get the results shown. I intend to use this as a basis for a structure I want to create in minecraft.

    Edited February 26, 2012