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  • March 26, 2012
  • Blender 2.6x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: zerba
  • License: CC-0
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I decided to model the site's logo simply because I realized nobody had. It now has 2576 faces without the SubSurf (it used to have 76992!) and was rendered in Cycles at 450 passes.


  • josepetri profile picture

    Your model is perfect, but I think, it is just my opinion, not so many vertices would be needed in these model. The filling is very loaded with unnecessary vertices, sometimes less is better.

    Written March 26, 2012
  • zerba profile picture

    Thanks, I couldn't agree more. When I was making this, I was in a rush so I wasn't really thinking about topology and stuff. I'll probably update this with a better version.

    Written March 26, 2012
  • zerba profile picture

    Updated it! With only 2576 faces, it's better than ever!!

    Edited March 26, 2012
  • The_marchin_on_game profile picture

    I have a question, (If you can answer) when you upload a blend does it go to the front page in the "new" section? Cuss I can't find it! :P But It says I have it, oh, nice blend by the way! ;D

    Written February 03, 2013