Manual coffee grinder

  • May 29, 2012
  • Blender 2.6x
  • Render: Blender Internal
  • Creator: tamasmarton
  • License: CC-BY
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Verts: 111243

I started to model the coffee grinder I have at home. The scene contains the coffe grinder itself, I removed the background, lamp and camera objects. The scene is also animated in 100 frames to demonstrate the relationship of the two cogwheels (the bigger one has twice as teeth as the smaller one, so it's rotating speed is simply half of the small one). The scene is packed with a wood texture. The material for the black iron is procedural. Both of them are made in Cycles.

Notice that:

you'll find the proof of poor modeling technique at some connection points of the iron frame when you take a look at them with the subdivision surface modifier on it. When I put on the subdiv modifier I didn't expect to encounter them, but also found that these can be seen as trace of manufacturing the metal in the real world. Anyway, the whole model doesn't contain any non-manifold verts, or such primary topology faults. (The artefacts seen in the p3D view at the flat part of the cogwheels doesn't appear in Blender.)

When I got to modeling the wheel (which is meant to be rotated with the hand) I was tired to make it detailed, so I simply put a bent cross with four arms and joined it to the torus (so it's a loose part in the object)

I'm quite satisfied with the materials, but I also jumped over creating a non-polished wood material for the inside of the drawer.

"Rigging" is done by setting the origins of rotating parts in the rotation axes and parenting some objects for a main object. This way you may rotate "Torus", "Cylinder" and "Sphere.001" around their origins, the connected parts will follow them. The drawer ("fiok" object) is set in it's closed place.

Most of the modifiers (subdivision and edgesplit) I used are still not applied, so you may change or remove them.

If you open up the coffee grinder by rotating "Sphere.001", you'll see that the actual grinding part is missing, but there's a circular hole already, where the coffee powder falls down in the drawer.

I plan to:

  • rename the objects for appropriate english names

  • make more detailed gears

  • add details to the wheel

  • creating a non-polished wood material for inner parts

  • add details to the inner part where the actual grinding happens

(- remake the iron frame maybe)

(- put a metal "COFFEE" sign on the frontside)

I used the wood texture:

Although it needs a lot of improvements, I'm quite happy with this first result and hope it'll be useful for someone.

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