SunFlower in a Workshop

  • November 01, 2012
  • Blender 2.6x
  • Render: Blender Internal
  • Creator: JoshuaS
  • License: CC-0
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Ha, yes, the name it's very original, anyway, this is my latest work and my very first one in Cycles (and maybe one of the last on it, at least until i can change my computer).

So, a pair of thing, the Sunflower it's not complete, the back of the flower it's not modeled yet, sorry, but i promise that it will be complete in a flower pack (with at least 20 or 25 differents flowers) that i hope to release not far away in the future.

This is also my very first texture work, i included the textures used in the .rar, however i only included the ones modified enough, some others i cant re distribute (like 6 or 7) so sorry but those are not in the file.

The Composition was done in Blender, however some final tweaks are made in Photoshop, so i also included the .Psd file too.

Remeber, the file it's CC0, so you dont have to remember my name :D

Anyway, i hope that this can be usefull to you and have fun :)

-Joshua Sander


  • sparazza profile picture

    Really thanks for the model! well composited and i really like the overall mood!


    Written May 04, 2013
  • autumnwilley profile picture

    The atmosphere is so comfortable and nostalgic, I absolutely love the soft glowy colors and textures. Amazing work!

    Written July 03, 2014
  • gooby profile picture

    the file is so big so it'll take me ages with my internet speed, but judging by this picture, I must say, WOW!! Awesome work, seriously! Kudos!

    Written August 22, 2014
  • Alt3rMann profile picture

    Thank you! It`s great!

    Written June 11, 2017
  • preciouskidoh profile picture

    is it just me or alot of the textures arent included in the file?

    Written March 13, 2020