Happy Wheels Irresponsible Dad Rig Fan Art

  • July 16, 2013
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  • Blender 2.6x
  • Render: Blender Internal
  • Creator: jamescandy
  • License: CC-0
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This is a character with a rig. When you move the "dad_master" object, the whole character and the bike will move with it. The bike and character are composed of simple 2d planes with PNG textures applied. Everything works with an armature and constraints on bones. Play around with it!

Here is a short film showing the rig in motion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdQMHVhMTuI

And you can follow the discussion on Blender Artists here: http://www.blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?300796-Live-Action-HAPPY-WHEELS-Irresponsible-Dad-in-Real-Life


  • NyancraftG profile picture

    This is awesome.I migth use it!

    Written July 17, 2013
  • jamescandy profile picture

    Thank, NyancraftG! Feel free to use it however you like, even add your own textures if you like!

    Written July 20, 2013
  • docbother profile picture

    Great video. It is good to be reminded everything doesn't have to be 3-DEEE to be entertaining (except for the random obstacle and liquefied gore).

    Written July 17, 2013
  • jamescandy profile picture

    You're right, docbother! Sometimes the simpler method is the most effective. Glad you liked the video!

    Written July 20, 2013
  • pranavjit profile picture

    isn't that background from the level "obst course". anyway like your work.

    Written July 20, 2013
  • xXWolfXx profile picture

    Yes it is :D

    Written August 03, 2013
  • xXWolfXx profile picture

    Wow xD Very good!

    Written August 02, 2013
  • Bane123 profile picture

    Thx i now can use it for mai friend's intro :D

    Written December 16, 2013
  • Imago profile picture

    "I don't care!!!" Anyway, good model!

    Written March 23, 2014