About bio URLs and why we might have deleted your bio today.

Blend Swap has been warned now two times by Google for containing links to spam and fraud web sites, this is because some people are making accounts and posting those links to their bios. They are so many and the URLs so diverse that we're unable to effectively filter them from legitimate URLs posted by legitimate users.

So we took the decision to delete all profile bios (not accounts) containing any sort of URL in them. This is admittedly, a very drastic call, but then again, we couldn't effectively differentiate the spam links from the legitimate ones. This means that if your bio contained a URL, the bio was deleted (only the bio was deleted, everything else is in place).

Again, WE'VE DELETED ONLY THE BIOS, NOT THE USER ACCOUNTS, your account is still fine and healthy, but without a bio if it contained a URL.

So these are the rules concerning profile URLs from now on.

  1. No URLs are allowed in the bio field of anyone's profile. This is so we keep URLs in their own fields, which are validated properly.
  2. You can fill your website field, but it won't work until you share at least one blend. Since spam accounts do not contribute to the site in any way we think this is good enough protection for now.
  3. All comments containing links to some Eastern Europe domains will be automatically held for moderation.

We're sorry if this causes you any inconvenience but, as usual, we also ask you to understand why these barriers have been put in place.

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Happy swapping, everybody! :)

Published December 02, 2015 by poifox


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