We need your input! Changes coming soon on Blend Swap.

Hello, blend swappers! Long time, no see!

We bring you a couple of changes we'd like to discuss with the community before making a final call, please keep reading and leave a comment at the end of the post with your thoughts and what you'd like to see done if these changes get released.

Community moderation.

Matthew and I are busy people. and lately we've been pretty busy, you've probably noticed because we don't post models every single day, maybe your own model has been waiting moderation for two or three days, even more! We know this is annoying and we'd like to solve it ASAP, but since our available time for Blend Swap moderation is very unlikely to increment, we would like to try and do crowd-sourced moderation of new blends.

Enter Community Moderation: To solve the moderation delays and annoyances we're going to open the site to all uploads, and publish every completed blend we get on the site, but we'll put them in a staging area where they will be kept from appearing on the main index. You would be able to access these new blends as "Just Uploaded" from the top menu, download them and judge them based on their quality and omissions. the download popup would have a new step that waits for you to open the file and vote on it up or down. When a blend gets, say, three[*] votes down it is rejected, if the blend receives three votes up it is published.

Staged blends will NOT appear in search results either.

Stolen models are bound to go through sometimes, but then the community has enough eyes to notice them, we're proud of you guys and girls for keeping an eye out for us in this regard. We the admins would still take care of these models, taking them down and banning the offending users but since this happens very rarely we'd be able to solve those cases quickly because we wouldn't be spending hours upon hours a week moderating enormous amounts of blends.

Download counters instead of bandwidth

We're also concerned with the fact that file sizes are going up every week and that you may spend a LOT of your monthly allowance on a few files and then not be able to download for the rest of the month.

With the current approach you might get lots of little files, or three big blends and run out of bandwidth; that's very sub-optimal for you. We're proposing changing the current bandwidth based limits to download counter based limits, that means that you get, say, 25[**] downloads a month, regardless of file size, and 2 additional downloads per shared blend, up to 30 extra downloads.

The main advantage of this is that you'll have an amount of blends you can get for sure, no matter how big they are, so you will be able to get the best fitting assets for your project, regardless of their file size.

Associate Members still get unlimited downloads, because that's the deal with them, so those of you who are paying members don't have to worry about anything.

We would also up the maximum upload file size from 90 MB to 180 MB for a .blend or .zip file.

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts about these changes being possibilities for the future of the site, your input on this kind of decisions is very important and we're always eager to see and hear what you guys and girls think!


  • [*] The actual number of votes a blend would need to get out of the staging area is still to be decided.
  • [**] The actual number of downloads you'd get every month is still to be decided.
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