We are in desperate need of a Developer!!

As many of you may have noticed over the past few months the site has become more and more unresponsive and unreliable. This is because our long-time developer Jonathan got an amazing opportunity for a job and no longer has the time to devote to Blend Swap. So we've been without a developer for a while, I was hoping that I'd be able to find a replacement quick enough that no one would ever notice. However, that hasn't been the situation.

Blend Swap does not make a lot of money so we are unable to hire a developer at their full rate, we really need to find someone that would be flexible and willing to work with us. This has been a struggle. So I'm asking for the communitys help. We need a CakePHP developer desperately, if you have experience and are willing to work out a payment arrangement please get in touch with us at matthew[@]blendswap.com

Our perfect developer would have knowledge of:

Infrastructure requirements:

  • Digital Ocean
  • Linux server administration
  • SSH authentication
  • Good knowledge of Git is a must.
  • Node.js 4.0 + Npm
  • Great security practices.

Backend requirements:

  • CakePHP 2.x and up
  • CakePHP REST(ish) API
  • MySQL 5.x and up.
  • Paypal integration.
  • Google for Work integration.
  • Composer dependency management.
  • Grunt tasks, builds and deployments.
  • Cron job management.

Frontend requiremens:

  • Full knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Good knowledge of SASS preprocessing.
  • jQuery, Underscore,
  • Backbone.js + Backbone.Marionette
  • Require.js structure and build pipeline.
  • Bower dependencies.
  • Grunt tasks, builds and deployments.

Nice to have:

  • Docker + docker-compose
  • Good knowledge about containerization.
  • Webpack build and deployment pipelines.

If we're unable to find a developer that'll work with us, I'm not sure what the future will hold for the site, thank you all for your time and help. -matthew

Published June 19, 2018 by mofx


  • Gamezopher profile picture

    Why isn't the Blender Foundation helping you? If your website had to vanish, I'm pretty sure the whole Blender community will suffer from it. Heck, everyone come here to share their work! It makes sense to me that BlendSwap is vital.

    Written August 27, 2019