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  • Hey guys we have been quite busy behind the scenes here at working on Version 3 of the site. We pretty much have everything implemented that we wanted to get into the site, so I thought I would open it up to you guys for suggestions. What would you like to s...
  • Hello! This is Jonathan with a support update.

    Some of you might know that image below very well...

  • Hi! This is Matthew @mofx from. This post will let you know about the HUGE update to and to walk you through some of the changes to the site. The first thing I'm sure you will notice is that we have changed the layout of the site.

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    Most of you might have noticed there are two sets of numbers on model windows.


    I know you guys have wanted it for a while, and it took forever, but Blendswap now has licensing. For more info on what licenses we will be using on the site check them out here: